Heart-pounding adventure filled with danger, intrigue and romance from Jacki Delecki, bestselling author of the Regency suspense series “The Code Breakers” and the contemporary mystery series “Grayce Walters.”

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The Code Breakers Series

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Lady Gwyneth Beaumont has long awaited the opportunity to show Viscount James Ashworth that she is no longer the impetuous child who dogged his footsteps. Now a much sought-after debutante, she is determined to prove to the hard-headed rake that she is a grown woman and a worthy participant in both the spy game and the game of love.

Ash, recently returned from three years undercover in France in His Majesty’s service, wants nothing more than to complete his final mission and retire to his bucolic country estate. However, what seemed a simple assignment to protect the Prince Regent at a Christmas party turns into a maze of intrigue, desire, and treachery.

Adding to the perilous secret operation is one problem Ash never anticipated: The appearance of the reckless, enticing Gwyneth, who has blossomed into a gorgeous woman and self-appointed spy. When a snooping Gwyneth uncovers a shocking secret, she puts herself in mortal danger.

Can Ash protect Gwyneth and the Prince from French assailants and, at the same time, win the passionate lady’s heart?  Can Ash and Gwyneth both triumph as winners in the game of spies and love?

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Jacki Delecki, Women Under Fire, romantic mystery, seattleWOMEN UNDER FIRE
Book 2 in the Grayce Walters Series












JackiDelecki_AnInnerFire_HR (2)INNER FIRE
Book 1 in the Grayce Walters Series

Recommended read for romance suspense ~ USA Today HEA

“A fiery, engaging mystery with a touch of paranormal.” ~ Kirkus Review









Book 1 of The Code Breakers Series

“So incredibly good I’m so upset it is over!” ~ Leti Del Mar

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