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Flower Festivals Around the World

There is something joyful and inspiring about the burst of color and delicately perfumed air that accompanies the arrival of springtime flowers. Here are five incredible flower festivals from around the world.

If your own garden is slow to bud, grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy scrolling through these gorgeous photos. You might find one that’s just right for a new screensaver.

Fuji Shibazakura Festival (Japan)



Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (Washington, USA)



Flower Carpet (Belgium)



National Cherry Blossom Festival (Washington DC, USA)



Canadian Tulip Festival (Canada)



What is your favorite springtime or flower celebration?

Easter and Springtime Renewal

I know some people are still getting snow and frigid temperatures, but spring has officially arrived. The signs are everywhere: The vernal equinox occurred March 19-20 (depending on time zone), marking the earliest arrival of spring since 1896, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac; Easter is March 27; and social media is full of tips on spring cleaning and cooking lighter, fresher meals.

Springtime is generally viewed as a season of renewal and rebirth. It’s an opportunity to refresh our homes, our meals, our relationships and our perspectives. Here are five fresh ways to celebrate the arrival of spring.

  1. Spend 5-10 minutes each day de-cluttering your living space. Throw out old magazines and outdated cosmetics. Donate unwanted household goods to a thrift store or charity. Check the pantry for outdated items, including spices and herbs.
  2. Get your car detailed – interior vacuumed, windows cleaned inside and out, glove-box emptied, trash and debris removed.
  3. Start a new hobby or project.
  4. Get out of the house. Connect with nature. Walk the dog. Clean out the flowerbeds. Sweep off the patio. Chat with neighbors. Set up a lounge chair and soak up the sunshine.
  5. Reconnect with friends or family.

How do you celebrate springtime? Do you have a favorite springtime ritual?

Getting ready for springtime in Seattle

Yesterday I attended the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, and now I have spring fever. This brilliant burst of color and inspiration has been held at the start of spring every year since 1989. The exhibits and displays are incredibly imaginative and inspiring enough to motivate even “armchair gardeners.” Although springtime is still a few weeks away, I’m ready for sunshine, warm breezes and afternoons spent in a garden sanctuary.

Flower Show American Table


Flower Show Cherry Tree


Flower Show Convention Center


Flower Show Exhibit


Flower Show Garden Flowers




If you’re in the Seattle area, the Northwest Flower & Garden Show runs through Feb. 21 and is held at the Washington State Convention Center. It’s a wonderful way to get ready for springtime!

You say that's a flower?

As I sit down to write this blog, there are 23 days, 8 hours and 9 minutes until Spring 2015. With the record-setting snowfall in the Northeast and bone-numbing cold across the country, I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready for springtime and a cheerful burst of color.

If you haven’t noticed, there are some flowers that look like, well, other things. Take a look at these buds and tell me what you see. I’ll post the answers as a comment under this blog post on my Facebook page.

1. Dracula Simia








2. Orchis Italica








3. Psychotria Elata

Hooker's lips







4. Impatiens Bequaertii

Flower picture from Laurie dancing ladies







5. Impatiens Psittacina








6. Antirrhinum








7. Peristeria Elata








By the way, you can keep track of the countdown to spring by visiting this website: