Bookish Holiday Traditions

As an author and reader, books have always been a part of my Christmas celebration ~ giving books as gifts, writing books with a holiday theme, enjoying quiet time with a new book, splurging on books with gift cards, reading traditional holiday stories to my children.

Want to add books to your holiday traditions? Here are six ideas.

Build a child’s library by gifting them with classics as Christmas gifts. You can start with Dr. Seuss and, as they mature, add favorites like Harry Potter.

Celebrate Jolabokaflod. “Christmas Book Flood” is an Icelandic tradition of gifting books to each other and spending the evening reading.

Acknowledge booksellers and librarians during the holidays. Thank those who serve readers and authors with home-baked goodies or a financial donation.

Add books to your holiday decor.  Whether it’s a stack of Christmas-themed romance novels or beautifully illustrated children’s stories, books on display encourage people to slow down and enjoy the written word.


Trade favorites with your book bestie. Share a favorite book you’ve discovered by gifting a copy to your best friend and have her do the same for you.

Go Christmas shopping…at the bookstore. In addition to books, you can find bookish gadgets, merchandise, and other nifty items. If you have children or grandchildren, make this outing something special ~ lunch, shopping for gifts, and, of course, a book for them as well.

What is your favorite bookish holiday tradition?


Holiday To Do List

The closer we get to Christmas, the more frantic some people seem to get. They’re in a rush to send out Christmas cards. They prowl the mall in search of the “perfect” gift. They stockpile ingredients for six different types of holiday treats. They fret and snap and grumble.

In short, they lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday or not, this annual celebration has come to symbolize a season of hope, compassion, tolerance, peace and love. Don’t get so caught up in the logistics of the holiday that you forget the true meaning of the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas listWhat’s on your Holiday To Do List?

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutty Nutcracker

Happy Holidays to all. One of my favorite holiday traditions is to perform the role of Grandmother in Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker. Here I am with grandfather, Tad Cook, and the drunken uncle, Kevin Cooney, on Christmas Eve for the "Nutty Nutcracker." I added Christmas cheer to my dowager's costume.