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Salestember: The Readers Are Back!

Jacki Delecki, SalestemberI heard this term for the first time a few weeks ago. An author friend mentioned she was releasing a new book just in time for Salestember. I thought I had misunderstood her, but then she explained that some  authors see a spike in sales come September—after the children return to school and moms have time to read.

I think Salestember is an interesting concept, and it made me wonder about a few things. I’d like to pose a few questions—some for readers, some for authors—in hopes that you’ll share your own Salestember experiences with me.

Dear Reader, can you tell me…

  • Have you noticed yourself buying more books recently or do you plan to buy more books?
  • Do you actually have more time to read in September?
  • If you’re on the lookout for new books or authors, where do you find them? GoodReads? Amazon reviews? Recommendations from friends?

Dear Author, can you tell me…

  • Have you intentionally scheduled a new book release for September to avoid the summer doldrums?
  • Have you personally experienced a Salestember spike in sales?
  • Do you find readers to be more engaged on social media in September?

Maybe Salestember is nothing more than an urban myth. Maybe there is a little truth to it. Whatever you call this month, here’s wishing well to readers and authors!

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