Maybe He Doesn't...Excerpt from 'A Wedding Code'

She inspected his face, staring into his eyes. “You’re changing your mind about the wedding?”

“What? Of all the idiotic ideas!” He didn’t mean to sound so sharp, but honestly, how could she even consider such a ridiculous possibility? “Of course not. Why would you think such a ludicrous thing?”

Amelia searched his face. “Because you’re behaving as if doomsday has arrived, gloomy and downright menacing.”

“Don’t you know how much I love you?” he shouted.

A bright smile replaced her pinched lips. She rushed to him and threw her arms around him, pressing against him. “I was afraid you decided to not marry and have babies with me, after how awful it was last night. It was frightening enough to make a man rethink marriage.”

This wasn’t the time to discuss that after a sleepless night he had decided that they should wait to have children. He knew methods for preventing pregnancy. Although Amelia shone with happiness holding the tiny baby in her arms, she wasn’t ready for pregnancy. If he was honest, he wasn’t ready either.

He tightened his hold on her. He could never chance losing her. She was his light, shining just for him.

He tweaked her pert nose. “You might regret marrying me once you find out that I snore.”

“Do you snore?” The teasing lilt in her voice forced him to steal a kiss from her soft, beckoning lips.

“I might.”

She kissed him back unreservedly, opening her mouth to him, and he accepted the irresistible invitation. His tongue savored the sweet flavor of Amelia. He wanted more than a taste. Her soft breasts crushed against him, and her little gasps of breath weren’t helping his resolve. He had to stop before getting started.

A Wedding Code

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