Costumes: Key to the time travel portal

I have been involved in theater, music and dance from a very young age, and it’s a passion that remains strong to this day. There is something magical about participating in a stage production – the sense of community, the escapism, the imagination and the pageantry.

Remember how much fun it was to dress up for Halloween? Venturing into the neighborhood as a harem girl, princess or flapper to hang out with astronauts, cowboys and firemen.

Shakespeare said, “Clothes make the man,” and this is especially true in the theater. The right costume can help an actor immerse himself into the role he’s playing, as well as strengthen the illusion experienced by the audience. Even Hollywood understands the importance of costuming. In this article about the 2016 Oscar-nominated costumes, it opens with the statement, “They’re more than just pretty dresses.”

Here are some of my favorite costumes from various theater productions I had roles in. What is one of your favorite films or stage productions based on costumes?

Abductin from teh Serlagio

Jacki In Rigoletto

Rigoletto Partner



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