Coming Soon! An Inner Fire on audio!


One of the most frequently asked questions I get from fans is “When is the Grayce Walters series coming to audiobook?” This has been a long-time goal of mine, but it took awhile to find just the right narrator.

I’m thrilled to announce that the audio version of An Inner Fire is currently in production with Em Eldridge as narrator. Em’s narration credits include books by Ava Miles, Penny Reid, AnnaLisaGrant and others.



Click HERE for an exclusive audio excerpt from Chapter One of An Inner Fire. Coming soon!

Grayce Walters, animal acupuncturist, harbors a secret. She hides her intuitive gifts from the world until she becomes embroiled in arson on Seattle’s waterfront. As a key crime witness, Grayce must convince the attractive, logical, by-the-numbers fire investigator, Ewan Davis, that the fire she witnessed is part of a larger criminal conspiracy. Grayce embarks upon a mission to gather proof of the dangerous threat. She enlists the help of her cross-dressing best friend, her street-wise assistant, and Davis’ poodle, to conduct her own investigation. As her feelings for Davis shift between white hot passion and cold fear, Grayce must risk exposing her secrets to safe Davis’ life. Davis must accept things, he can neither see, nor understand to solve the mystery and finally find the love he has stopped believing in. With nudges from the protective poodle, Grayce and Davis confront shocking betrayal and international crime on the rain soaked streets of Seattle.

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