Regency Life & Times


Springtime Pastime

Enjoying walks in the gardens and looking at the freshly blooming flowers was a popular pastime during the Regency. What is your favorite spring flower? #Regency #spring #flowers

Emerald Green

Emerald green became a very popular color during the Regency.  However, the color was created by using arsenic, and many dresses, wallpapers, and even green candy contained traces of the poison.  It didn’t take long for people to find the toxic nature of their favorite color, and they began to warn against its use.  #Regency #trivia

Regency Naming Conventions

During the Regency, it was typical to recycle names, especially if you were in a high class family. Due to this, you find a lot of Elizabeth, Anne, John, and William floating through Regency history, and not a lot of variety.

Do you have a common name that runs in your family?

Regency Architecture

Columns, arches, and ironwork were some of the common themes in Regency homes.

What style of home do you love?

Pink or blue? How about white!

Pink for girls and blue for boys? Not during the Regency. All children were typically swaddled in white as babies, and as they grew up wore mostly white clothing, boys and girls alike!