Women Under Fire

Women Under Fire

Book 2: Grayce Walters Series

Life has heated up for Grayce Walters: thrust into the public eye and hounded by the media after solving an arson case with a critical clue from a French Poodle. When Ewan Davis, the sexy arson investigator Grayce has been steaming things up with, starts talking commitment, she definitely feels the burn.

Then a desperate mother begs Grayce to help find her missing daughter—an Afghanistan war veteran suffering from PTSD, and Grayce reluctantly takes on the case, following a disturbing clue provided by the missing young woman’s cat. Calling once again on the aid of her cross-dressing best friend and her shrewd assistant, Grayce uncovers a terrorist plot with chilling international implications.

Grayce races to rescue the young veteran before the escalating danger explodes. But if she manages to escape the threat, will she find the courage to commit to the fiery passion that awaits her wrapped in Davis’s arms?

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What people are saying...

“The author delivers a terrific and well-written story full of intrigue, mystery, and romance…You can’t help but love Grayce; her strength, bravery, and determination to help people (and animals); and her love for Davis.”

– Pamela, Goodreads Review

“Oh man, it doesn’t get any better! Intriguing plot, vivid characters, deep philosophy and ACTION! I’ve never been to Seattle, but after this series and especially this book I feel like I have.

I’m totally hooked on this series now. Love the author’s respectful treatment of women veterans. Adore lines like, “the bonds of social pressure gripped tighter around her wrists and ankles, holding her captive in the kitchen chair.” The pedicure scene with the heroine’s gay friend put a smile on my face. I can’t describe which I love more, her descriptions or her character’s banter.

Fabulous animals, sexy men, designer shoes, great conversational byplay, romantic sex… I can’t think of a single thing this author missed in dishing the ultimate romantic suspense. Buy this book! You’ll be so glad you did.”

– Beth I., Amazon Review

“The continuing suspenseful story of Grayce Walters does not disappoint! I loved the first in this series and absolutely adored the second one. Sometimes with a series, the second one is not as good but in this case I actually believe the story built on the first one to make it just as good, if not better. Better because we already know the lively characters, the setting, and the intricacies of Grayce’s unusual gift. Dr. Walters is a vet with clairvoyant capabilities that can get her into trouble sometimes. Her love interest Ewan is a hot arson investigator in the Seattle waterfront area and he wants more of a commitment than Grayce can give.

As well as the romance between Ewan Davis and Grayce, I loved the setting in downtown Seattle and the cast of characters. Grayce’s assistant is a wonderful 3-dimensional supporting character as is the gay best friend who is funny as heck and written beautifully. This series is a winner and I can’t wait to read the next one!”

– Kimmy’s Korner, Amazon Review