The Code Breakers Set

The Code Breakers Set

Books 1-3

Men and women from the class of privilege and rank risk their lives to defend England against the treacherous designs of Napoleon. They confront disaster, scandal, and passion as they pursue their code of honor and love.

Threatened by French spies, assassins, and calculating suitors, can Lady Henrietta Harcourt trust the infamous rake, Lord Cordelier Rathbourne, with her carefully guarded family secrets?

Lady Gwyneth Beaumont has long awaited the opportunity to show Viscount James Ashworth that she is no longer the impetuous child who dogged his footsteps. Now a much sought-after debutante, she is determined to prove to the hard-headed rake that she is a grown woman and a worthy participant in both the spy game and the game of love.

When Miss Amelia Bonnington unwittingly stumbles upon a smuggling ring in the modiste shop of her good friend, it is up to Lord Derrick Brinsley to save her. Can the disreputable rake and undercover agent prevent the French from stealing the Royal Navy’s deadly weapon and find love with the only woman capable of redeeming him?

What people are saying...

“I loved the set! Each story was wonderfully told and kept the reader involved with the story line. I loved how in each of the stories, all the hero’s were trying to keep their lady safe, while all the ladies were trying to prove that they weren’t wilted flowers and able to pull their own weight in helping out. Yet each heroine differed in areas like Henrietta had been helping for years, just no one knew, Gwen wanted to be involved and jumped in quickly while Amelia never wanted to be involved, yet to help others she joined in. The plot lines were never slow and the author was able to keep me interested throughout the whole series (that I read in 1 night). Just saying again, I loved them!”

– Patti W., Amazon Review

“These books are written with a wonderful measure of tongue in cheek fun (who doesn’t love that in a historical?), well-researched period historical facts and sexy loves affairs in the midst of propriety and manners. Love the books, love the covers, love the names and love the angle of code breaking! Big fan.

Well done, Delecki. Highly Recommended reads!”

– Kimmy’s Korner, Amazon Review

“Each of these books are great romantic stories based on the lives/ work of spies who work for England and women who played significant roles in the spy network trying to foil Napoleon/ French attempts to undermine the British government/ army-navy. Each is a great story. Each can stand alone, but this threesome presents a wonderful opportunity to follow the lives of three top British operatives as they perform their duties and secure the love of their lives! Would read this author in a heartbeat!”

– Daun, Amazon Review