A Code of Love

A Code of Love

Book 1: Code Breaker Series

Threatened by French spies, assassins, and calculating suitors, can Lady Henrietta Harcourt trust the infamous rake, Lord Cordelier Rathbourne, with her carefully guarded family secrets? In his new, undisclosed position as Director of English Intelligence, Cord faces more peril keeping the brilliant Harcourt family of code breakers safe than he did as undercover spy in Napoleonic France.

Cord’s passionate attraction for the indomitable Henrietta hasn’t diminished in his four years abroad, but neither has Henrietta’s memory of his libertine past. In pursuit of the missing brother, Henrietta and Cord become entangled in a web of international intrigue, danger, and white hot passion.

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What people are saying...

“…I love that Henrietta is such a bad-a** heroine. She does not cow against men, gentleman or otherwise. She stands up for what she believes in. And she has a very forward way of thinking with regard to the role and rights of women during her time. Add to these a number of interesting side characters as well as surprisingly layered villains and you’ve got the making of an engaging and well-written book.”

– Camille F., Amazon Review

“As this is my first novel by the author, I am looking forward to reading more of her books, especially more of these intelligent code breakers in the series.”

– Mary Chen, Buried Under Romance

“Jacki’s books are full of such great characters that I feel like I have many new friends. I cannot wait to hear more about their adventures.”

– Karuna D., Reader