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Reader appreciation event


3 Reasons to attend a Reader/Writer Event

One of the rising trends in the book community is the proliferation of reader and writer events. Back in the day, authors used book signings as a venue to connect with readers. With the closure of many brick-and-mortar book stores and the evolution of the digital marketplace, traditional book signings are a less popular option, especially when compared to everything a reader/author event (sometimes called a reader appreciation event) offers.

If you haven’t attended a reader/writer event, here are three reasons to finish the chapter you’re currently reading and find an event to explore today!

  1. SWAG! Event coordinators usually assemble a goody bag for attendees, but authors also have lots (and lots) of goodies. Tip: Bring an extra tote or backpack to carry all the great stuff you collect. You can always tell the hardcore readers who have attended events before because they bring those wheeled-shopper carts!
  2. Make new book friends. Everyone at a reader/writer event is there because they love books – reading them or writing them. This fun and friendly environment makes it easy to chat with strangers. You might even make a new BBF (book best friend)!
  3. Meet the real person behind the book cover. Have you ever wondered what your favorite author is like in real life? Connecting in person gives you chance to bond over shared interests, laugh over an inside joke or just express how much you enjoy their work.

Each reader/writer event is different. Some last a few hours; some a few days. Some are free; some require paid admission. Some include a variety of genres; some are genre specific. Most include a book signing and opportunity to mix and mingle with authors.


I’m participating in the Reader & Writer Event in Seattle, June 3, 2017. This event includes more than 50 authors, hot cover models and other “bookish” fun. If you’re in the area, get a ticket before the event is sold out. If not, look online for other reader/writer events and have a great time!

Seattle Reader Writer Event

Reader and Writer Author Event – Seattle, WA

Featuring authors and cover models!
June 3, 2017 – WithinSodo, Seattle, WA
Facebook Event Page:

What I did at the Emerald City Writers' Conference

This past weekend I attended the Emerald City Writers’ Conference in Bellevue, Wash. I did two presentations with members from my author support team, audiobook narrator Pearl Hewitt and virtual assistant Maria Connor, both of which went very well.  I also attended presentations on craft and business. Writing conferences offer an opportunity to learn what’s new in the industry, as well as networking with other professionals, such as authors, editors, agents, graphic designers, bloggers and reviewers.



One of the conference highlights was Passport to Romance on Saturday. This unique reader appreciation event gives authors and readers a chance to meet and mingle and get acquainted in a fun, lively environment. More than 50 authors across all genres participated.




One of the hottest draws of the Passport to Romance event are the live-and-in-person romance novel cover models. I had fun getting a picture with each and every one! Which one would be your choice for the hero on my next romance novel?



Make a date with a cover model

Okay, you can’t really make a date with a cover model, but you can enjoy some delicious male eye candy at the 2016 Passport to Romance. This reader appreciation event, held in conjunction with the Emerald City Writers’ Conference, will be held Saturday, October 15, 2016, from 6-8 p.m. at the Bellevue Westin Hotel. Admission is free.

The cover model line-up includes Scott Nova, Derek Hutchins, Wayne Adams and Jacob Rodney.

PicMonkey Collage


You can also meet and mingle with more than 40 romance authors, including me. I hope to see you there!