Happy Mother’s Day to the Fur Baby Moms

I saw this adorable greeting card and it reminded me that Mother’s Day means different things to different people. The second Sunday in May has become a celebration of motherhood in many forms, an all-encompassing acknowledgement of the caring and nurturing contributions of all women in our society.

That includes all the fur baby moms.

Being a mother is all about dedication, unconditional love, teaching, tending, healing, inspiring and encouraging others. For all of those moms who love and adore their fur babies, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

If you have a fur baby, share a photo and tell me how you’ll be celebrating your special day.



A Veterans Day giveaway in honor of ‘war dogs’

Friday, November 11, is Veterans Day. This national holiday is dedicated to honoring veterans of the armed services (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, and Coast Guard) who served to protect our country.

Did you know Veterans Day originated from Armistice Day, a holiday enacted in recognition of WW I soldiers? Click HERE to read more about the history of Veterans Day.

In addition to honoring the men and women who have served, I like to acknowledge the contributions of canine service members. I’m not the only American in awe of “war dogs.”  There are several organizations dedicated to honoring and assisting active and retired military dogs.



The United States War Dogs Association – features war dog history, information about the U.S. War Dogs Memorial, and how to participate with this organization.

Save a Vet – provides adoption and rescue support for military and law enforcement working dogs.

Operation Military Care K9 – collects and distributes care packages to military working dogs and their handlers.

Kevlar for K9s – works to provide bulletproof vests for working canines.



If you would like more stories or information about military working dogs, check out these sites or click HERE for a full listing of military working dog organizations/resources.

Dogs of the Navy SEALs

The Dogs of War

Canines in Combat

10 Things You Might Not Know About Soldier Dogs

Dogs of War: 23 Facts You Never Knew About Military Working Dogs


As an author, I’ve incorporated my passion, respect and enthusiasm for working military dogs into my contemporary romantic suspense fiction. Sergeant Nick Welby and his bomb-sniffing golden lab are leading characters in Men Under Fire, Book 3 in the Grayce Walters series.

This book is one of more than 60 titles featured in the Military Romance Book Giveaway, which includes a Kindle Fire. If you’re a fan of military heroes and heroines, be sure to enter for a chance to win.



In honor of Veterans Day, I’m giving a way an ebook copy of Men Under Fire. For a chance to win, simply comment on my Veterans Day Facebook post. Here’s the link: http://bit.ly/2fD26DI




Authors’ Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer are finally coming to an end, at least according to the calendar. Here in Washington state we’ve been experiencing a unusual heat wave. This July was a record breaker, going down as the hottest month in Seattle history since 1890!

The Dog Days of Summer run from July 3 to August 11 and refer to the sultriest days of summer. Early observers in the Mediterranean region discovered this period coincided with the conjunction of Sirius (the dog star) and the sun.

In honor of the Dog Days of Summer, I’m featuring some of my author friends and their canine sidekicks. There’s also a little surprise squeezed in here. If you are still in need of summer reading, be sure to check out each author’s recent release!

Callie Hutton‘s four-legged friend Daisy. The Highlander’s Choice is a Scottish Regency historical.

chGunny, Chris Keniston‘s pooch pal, is also an aspiring author. If you like contemporary romance with military heroes, check out Aloha Texas.

GunnyAva Branson‘s four-legged friend Cosmo is decidedly more feline than canine. Fiery Seas, a contemporary romance, makes a great beach read.

Ava BransonC.B. Williams is bound and determined to fit her Golden Doodle Miki in one of those designer handbags. Champion of Entean is science fiction romance with a splash of fantasy.

MikiSugar keeps Teri Riggs company while working on contemporary stories like her recent release, Sunsets and New Beginnings.

SugarMy two Golden Labs, Gus and Talley, provided inspiration for the canine characters in my contemporary romantic suspense books, such as Men Under Fire, from the Grayce Walters series.

JD dogWhose keeping you company during these steamy Dog Days of Summer?

An Inner Fire is on sale for 99cents

N INNER FIRE, Book 1 in the Grayce Walters series is on sale for just 99 cents at Amazon. amzn.to/1sLlwcX ‪#‎RomanticMystery‬

AN INNER FIRE, Book 1 in the Grayce Walters series is on sale for just 99 cents at Amazon. amzn.to/1sLlwcX ‪#‎RomanticMystery‬

Blog Tour for An Inner Fire

Come over to Win!

Come Over to Win an Amazon Gift Card and copy of An Inner Fire!

Funniest Video Contest – Post Your Funniest Animal Video For a Chance To WIN!

In the celebration of my book release Grayce Walters, animal acupuncturist who communicates and heals animals, please post your funniest animal videos!

I will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and a copy of my ebook “An Inner Fire” to our favorite video!

Here is one of mine. Who says animals don’t communicate?

In Honor of Our Veterans…

Dogs on Deployment president greeted by her 3 dogs after her own deployment!
-Via SeattleDogSpot.com

My next book Women Under Fire is about a Veteran suffering from PTSD who disappears. Grayce Walters with the help from the missing woman’s cat search for the emotionally fragile veteran in the homeless underground of Seattle.

Women Under Fire Second in the Grayce Walters Series will be released Summer of 2014.

Black Sheep Trimmed Like a Prize Winning Poodle?

Black Sheep Poodle

My character Mitzi used to look like this until Fire Investigator Ewan Davis adopted her. Now Mitzi Poodle is solving arson crimes with Davis & her acupuncturist Grayce Walters.

Read about them in Jacki Delecki’s AN INNER FIRE – Releases November 14!

Therapy Dogs Helping Kids at Seattle General Hospital

Hello – Mitzi here!  This story reminds me of Henny the firehouse dog in Jacki’s romantic mystery novel “An Inner Fire”.  She is a Labrador Retriever too but she is black – just like me!  Henny is an accelerant dog who helps Fire Investigator Ewan Davis detect arson fires.  She’s very talented and helpful just like therapy dogs!


Smokey Firehouse Dog


Smokey – the Labrador retriever mix from Jacksonville, Ill.  


“..Smokey was found inside a home that was engulfed in flames before she became a firehouse dog. “Smokey’s lifeless body was brought out, and with the efforts of fire and police, she was brought back to life,” wrote her handler lieutenant Todd Warrick. Now Smokey is a training tool to help kids learn how to stop, drop and roll.”.. (TodayShow)

Read more about Smokey HERE!

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