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Funniest Video Contest - Post Your Funniest Animal Video For a Chance To WIN!

In the celebration of my book release Grayce Walters, animal acupuncturist who communicates and heals animals, please post your funniest animal videos!

I will be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and a copy of my ebook “An Inner Fire” to our favorite video!

Here is one of mine. Who says animals don’t communicate?

Belltown is Where It All Starts...

BelltownBelltown is the where it all starts- dangerous confrontation by international crime on the rain soaked streets of Seattle.

An Inner Fire releases tomorrow:

In Honor of Our Veterans...

Dogs on Deployment president greeted by her 3 dogs after her own deployment!

My next book Women Under Fire is about a Veteran suffering from PTSD who disappears. Grayce Walters with the help from the missing woman’s cat search for the emotionally fragile veteran in the homeless underground of Seattle.

Women Under Fire Second in the Grayce Walters Series will be released Summer of 2014.

Seattle Firefighters Train Hard!

Seattle Space Needle

Firefighter Training

My book An Inner Fire revolves around a Fire Investigator a member of the Seattle Fire Department.

Here is part of the training for Seattle Firefighters: The Hose Drag Exercise: Attach 50 feet of rope to a duffel bag to which weight has been added. Tires or cement blocks can also be used for resistance. Choose an initial resistance that enables you to perform 8 to 10 repetitions. Progressively increase the resistance to 60 to 80 pounds. Place the rope over your shoulder and drag the resistance a distance of 75 feet. (You should run during this phase of the event.) Immediately drop to one knee and steadily and briskly pull the rope hand-over-hand to bring the resistance into your body.

Black Sheep Trimmed Like a Prize Winning Poodle?

Black Sheep Poodle

My character Mitzi used to look like this until Fire Investigator Ewan Davis adopted her. Now Mitzi Poodle is solving arson crimes with Davis & her acupuncturist Grayce Walters.

Read about them in Jacki Delecki’s AN INNER FIRE – Releases November 14!